Competitive Analysis

Competitive Benchmarking
Formulating Competitive Strategies
Periodic Monitoring of Competitors: announcements, product launches and regulatory issues
Competitor Environment Facing a Firm

Market Intelligence

Analyze, interpret and monitor horizontal (industry) and vertical (competitor) trends
Market surveys for customer opinions, competitive positioning
Customer satisfaction surveys
Collect, review, analyze and interpret results
Sales Enablement support
Account Profiling

Dossier development

Our market analysts can develop high quality business information dosssier that is often used by the C-Level executives for thier go-to-market strategy. The dossier also give them and their product management and development team insigts about thier comptetitve landscapes in terms of the market sizing, key market trends along with the past and current financial information about a target company.

Demandwhiz has deep expertise in high tech, pharamceutical and retail space to come up with key informaiton in the detailed dossier incudling company history, organization chart, growth plan, company growth strategy, SWOT analysis and key company executives. The dossier also cover latest new and press articles alogn with any new awards and recognition recevied by the company.

This is one of the key services of Demandwhiz used by many top companies.