Contact Discovery

Targeted, extremely accurate business contact lists that can be used for email and tele marketing campaigns. These lists are also a critical part of Account Based Marketing (ABM) campaigns.

Our customized lists are highly accurate and can be developed based on any criteria provided by the client such as: Geography (North America, Europe, Latam, APAC) Company Size (Revenue, no of employees) Industry Vertical (High tech, biotech, banking, retail etc.)  SIC/NAICS code  Title (Finance, Marketing, Operations, Purchase, Supply Chain, IT etc.)

Demandwhiz guarantees 98% accuracy on its lists; any data to be found incorrect is replaced without any cost. Our list contains data points like company name, address, phone, website, industry, revenue, no of employees, first name, last name, title, direct email id, phone number, direct phone (where ever available)

Prospect data cleansing and enrichment

Multiple studies shows that every 6 months a database of prospects get obsolete. It is a huge task for most companies to keep their database up to date, and an important one. Unless companies are sure of the state of their email lists/databases, they cannot plan an effective marketing campaign. We work as a support system for such marketing team and keep their database up to date, add new and error free. We increase the accuracy of such database from a junk state to 97% plus accuracy.

B2B Lead Generation

Demandwhiz is a highly specialized lead generation company. Our highly targeted lead generation service helps IT companies to sell better, faster and more effectively with us as their support team.

Fraud prevention, forum moderation and listing guidelines monitoring for portals

Demandwhiz has expertise in monitoring services that helps the companies prevent frauds by their users that are buyers or suppliers of the company and need to communicate through company channel only. Portals having millions of users and listing and user guidelines for listing and posting on the portals, needs to be monitored as well. Demandwhiz has all the necessary resources and technologies required to provide these services.

Digital Marketing

​Demandwhiz has a dedicated division that provides digital marketing solutions to its clients worldwide. Some of the components are:

  • ​Online Marketing Strategy
  • Organic search engine optimization of the website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Brand Promotion
  • Pay per click strategy and management