Account Based Marketing

Years of rich experience in Business Research, Contact Data Development and Account Profiling has helped us to plan and execute Account Based Marketing (ABM)  for a variety of industry verticals. ABM is a marketing strategy where the marketing communication happens with identified or named accounts that are found to be fit to target for a particular product or service.

Demand Generation

We generate quality and sustainable demand for our clients. Clients have flexibility to chose host of services or ala-carte, based on specific requirements. Choose from Contact Discovery, B2B Lead Generation, Data Solutions, Data Enrichment or simple cleaning and validating your existing prospect or client database. We do it all.

Business Intelligence

Our consultants are leading experts in B2B marketing. Host of these services enable our clients to plan and formulate a marketing strategy, based on facts and figures. Market Intelligence along with Sales intelligence services gives our client's sales team an edge over their competitors. In depth and quick competitive analysis give the sales team specific pointers to close a business quickly.

Chat Support

A popular inbound sales and up-sell service. We start as an inbound chat support and gradually make it a selling tool for our clients. Years of experience in managing inbound support helps us to ramp up or ramp down quickly and effectively.

Content Syndication

Our simple and practical content syndication strategy helps our clients reach their sales goals. Our expertise to reach out to a vide range of target audience through telephone gives an impressive accuracy of 95% hit rate and hence high ROI. Tele verfied white paper syndication and content syndication is the core service of Demandwhiz using in house B2B database of millions of contacts.

IT Services

We have great designers and developers that create impressive web applications, websites in technologies that are easy to mange and class leading. Our experts work with the clients and suggest the technologies ranging from Joomla, WordPress, Drupal or custom development in PHP.

Top companies work with Demandwhiz for content syndication

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Account Based Marketing Programs for Fortune 1000 companies

Data driven using our data intelligence tools and tele verified B2B technology lead generation for sales teams

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